Modelling Electronic Quantum Transport in Nanostructures

Prof. Antoine Khater
Department of Physics, Université du Maine, Le Man, France

24.11.2017, 12:15, room P/1/14

The decreasing size of nanoelectronic devices takes the electronics technology to the quantum coherent limit. In this seminar the theoretical and numerical computations to model quantum electronic transport across nanostructures are presented; in particular, the transport across nanojunctions in nano circuits is investigated. This is done by generalizing the phase field matching theory (PFMT) to multi-scattering processes, and integrating the Tight Binding into a generalized PFMT-TB approach. 

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O anomalnej dyfuzji: fakty i mity

Prof. Jerzy Łuczka, Zakład Fizyki Teoretycznej, Instytut Fizyki UŚ

17.11.2017, 12:15 room P/1/14