The Department was founded in the beginning of 70's of XX century by Prof. Andrzej Pawlikowski who was its long-time head. After his death, it was divided into three theoretical divisions. People interested in statistical physics and condensed matter physics continued their master's work in the Department of Theoretical Physics.

In 2019 due to the structural reform of the university the Department of Theoretical Physics was transformed into a Group of Theoretical Physics.

Research can be grouped into five major areas: physical fundamentals for quantum information, nanophysics, cold atom physics, condensed matter physics and statistical physics. However, a part of the research projects are interdisciplinary and the most innovative concepts arise at the interface between such areas.

Members of the Group are engaged in teaching mathematics, physics (classical and quantum mechanics, thermodynamics & statistical physics, condensed matter physics), econophysics, biophysics, medical physics and computer science.

Maciej Maska Elzbieta Zipper Jerzy Luczka Jerzy Dajka Marcin Kostur Marcin Mierzejewski Wladyslaw Borgiel Anna Gorczyca-Goraj Jan Aksamit Lukasz Machura