Anna Gorczyca-Goraj

After I returned from my maternity leave (2011 - 2014), I joined the research group of professors Elżbieta Zipper and Maciej Maśka. We work as a team with Marcin Kurpas, Iwona Janus-Zygmunt and Barbara Kędzierska. So far we have devoted our research to steady state transport properties of some particular nanostructures (you can find details in my publications list).

Apart from that, I am also interested in power system properties and its functionality. In particular, I possess experience in analysis of the possibility of a transition into island mode of a power system. Currently, I am working on power system security in terms of quantum cryptography.

My offer for students in terms of diploma thesis, especially of econophysics, is the following: exploiting the financial models and analysis methods while investigating statistical data from power system. For instance, I am currently supervising a MSc thesis on the subject: Statistical and financial analysis of measurement data of ​​low voltage consumers performed in order to propose new tariff plans. The thesis has been caried out in co-operation with a supervisor from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Silesian University of Technology.